It is easy to become a follower

With ayondo you can get the best traders on your account within a few minutes. Analyse your chosen traders, watch their live trades, and then let your trader portfolio run on your account - for free!



Find the best with our Rankings List

Choose from over 1,000 traders the ones that best fit to your needs and add them to your portfolio. Filter the Rankings List according to your own criteria.

  • Filter the Rankings List according to profit, markets, and time periods
  • See how valuable your trader's profile is through their awards
  • Show the Rankings List in two display modes
  • Performance, Risk, and amount of followers always in view
  • Analyse historical capital development with charts
  • Follow traders directly from the Rankings List with just a few clicks

Social trading on a whole new level

Find out how successful other followers are and copy their settings. You can follow the best followers with just one click.

  • The most successful followers are displayed in the Rankings List
  • Only live accounts displayed
  • With one click follow the settings which led other followers to success
  • A portfolio’s aggregate equity curve immediately visible in chart
  • Filter the Rankings List according to profit/loss, risk, and amount of followers
  • Set your starting capital and view your past capital development

Drag & drop your Portfolio

With a few clicks you can assemble your dream team and view their historical performance at a glance.

  • Simply drag your chosen Trader from the Rankings List into your portfolio
  • Configure your portfolio as a whole or to any individual trader
  • Remove a trader with just one click
  • Follow a trader in a single selected underlying product
  • Multiply selected values and increase risk per request
  • Identify the impact of your settings immediately in the chart

Test your Portfolio with a demo account

You're unsure if your chosen portfolio is actually the right choice? No problem: Test it for up to 15 days with virtual money and then make your decision.

  • Test your chosen Portfolio
  • Under real conditions you can form an opinion in 15 days
  • We provide you with virtual money
  • No risk involved
  • Save multiple portfolios and decide later
  • When you’re finally satisfied, right click and turn your portfolio live instantly

Be your own Manager

At ayondo you play an active role. Just like a football coach on the sidelines, you can swap a trader for a new one, thus bolstering your live account to success.

  • You can start using ayondo immediately with a minimum deposit of just 100 Euro
  • With ayondo markets we provide you with an innovative broker in London
  • Mirror the capital curve exactly with a 100 euro account
  • ayondo markets is approved by the FCA in London
  • Your money is protected by the FSCS up to a maximum of £50,000
  • Client funds are kept separate from company assets

Our focus on risk management

When dealing with your finances you should focus on risk management. With our tools we can help you.

  • With ayondo’s Loss Protection you determine a maximum loss level.
  • The ayondo trader awards act as a guideline in selecting your traders
  • The more awards, the older and less risk inclined the Trader
  • You can close your traders' positions or change them at any time
  • You can follow your trader proportionally
  • Reduce or increase your risk as preferred in conjunction with your selected trader and underlying product

Our win-win-win-solution

We've worked hard in recent years to develop a model that will pay off for you as a follower, for the Top Traders, and for us. As followers we want to provide you with a solution where you pay no more than you would in your own trading, whilst still allowing you to still benefit from the results of the Top Traders. For this, the broker shares with us half of their commissions generated by their spreads. We share this again with your Top Traders. All parties will receive a piece of the cake so to speak, without you having to pay more.

  • You don’t pay any direct fees to ayondo or to your Trader
  • ayondo receives a share of the Bid/Offer spread from the Broker
  • All Traders results are based on the Bid /Offer-Spreads
  • Your Trader receives a part of the Spread-Commissions from ayondo
  • Your account will be charged for overnight positions
  • You don’t need to give up any of your profits (no performance fee)

Become part of a great movement

For many years the financial markets have been characterised by non-transparency, hidden costs and uncertain security. We want to change this with ayondo social trading and we would be delighted if you were to become part of this movement.

  • See all past transactions clearly and transparently
  • Get all live trades in real time
  • Every Top Trader has a profile with all the important statistics
  • On ayondo, you have the unique ability to see how successful other followers are
  • You can define your maximum loss level yourself
  • Share your results with your Facebook friends

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